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    Data Refresh date


      Hi Everyone,


      I've a problem for which my research around the threads didn't bring any result. I have a quite complex dashboard connected to multiple datasources and although it's being updated successfully according to the schedule - Everyday at 4am (UK time) (see images), the data extracts don't refresh until 2.15pm (UK time), which creates confusion since while the full refresh has run at 4-ish am we see previous day's data until 2.15pm. For example, as you can see in the images, while the last update run at 6 Nov 15. 04:11, the data refresh date shows 5 Nov 15, 14:15...


      I hope I didn't create more confusio, any ideas are more than welcome. Thank you in advance


      Schedule.JPGdata refresh date.jpg

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          Derrick Austin

          Hey Harris,


          Modifying this date on Tableau Server will not be possible, as it is just a timestamp of the latest refresh.


          A common solution, however, is to include a "data as of" date at the bottom of your dashboard.

          We do this with most of our dashboards and it gives the end user a quick location to see the correct date for the data they are viewing.

          This field can then reference back to a date field in your dataset generated based on the date of the data.

          Derrick Austin

          InterWorks, Inc.

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            Thanks for the answer Derrick. Yeah, apparently I haven't built that dashboard, it is the herritage in my new role. So, what it's not quite clear to me is that since this is a timestamp why does it show a different day/time thatn the actual update?

            And a following question, any idea on how I could edit the MAX. UK_Publish_Time field? I mean where could I look at, since I have a limited experience in Tableau.


            Many thanks

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              Derrick Austin

              Ohhhh, I understand your question now.


              It sounds like they do have a field already setup.


              You will want to download the tableau file and look at it with Tableau Desktop.


              Likely, it is coming from the database somewhere. Once you have the file open in Tableau Desktop, you should see the field in the left hand pane. You can then determine where it comes from and whether it has any calculations in Tableau to generate it, or if it is pulled directly from the database somewhere.



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                Okay, dashboard downloaded and found the respective sheet. data refresh date 2.jpg


                If I insert the "Update Date/Time" in the title, and remove the MAX (is it a calculation? - how can I edit it?) will be automatically change the Date after the scheduled update you think? My concern is whether the scheduled dashboard update has nothing to do with the data extracts update.




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                  Derrick Austin

                  Hey Harris,


                  Find "UK_Publish_Time" in the left hand pane. If it is a calculation, you can edit it there by right clicking on it.

                  It also has a small = sign next to it if it is a calculation.



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                    Yes! Found it. Any clue what this calculation executes ?



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                      Derrick Austin

                      It adds 13 hours to a "Publish Date Time" field. I'm guessing the publish date time field comes from a view database view upstream somewhere?


                      Right click on your datasource and select "properties". It will give you more information about the origins.

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                        Thanks for the explanation Derrick. As far as I can see it comes from an oracle db


                        publish date time .JPG


                        where I must have limited access but I will check it later. That said, should I try adding 24hours to that calculation so as to jump to the next date you think? I appreciate your efforts to drive me through this

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                          Derrick Austin

                          You could definitely add 24 hours to the calculation. Instead of "13" in the calculation, do "27".

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                            Hi Derrick,


                            I edited it from 13 to 27hours, the good news is that it worked for yesterday. Bad news is that it didn't refresh today .  Tried to display the update title in to the title and worked, but, as you can see in the images while the date in the development mode is 08/11/15 04:08:59, after publishing it is  11/7/15 10:08:59, which I suspect has to do with the time difference on the server where the data extracts update take place. Do you have any clue on how to align the date on the published worksheet?


                            data refresh title 2.JPG


                            refresh date title1.JPG

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                              Derrick Austin

                              Hey Harris,


                              The date being modified is coming from an upstream source. If that source does not have any new information yet, due to ETL not being completed yet or something, then the base time will not be updated either.


                              I would definitely check into your view, if you can. It seems to be a good starting point.