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    Emily Kund

      Hi everyone!


      I'm Emily and I'm super excited to facilitate the government TUG. I work for a bureau within the Treasury department. I was introduced to Tableau in 2009 and thought it was neat but didn't do too much with it. Enter 2011 with a significant job change. Tableau became more prominant in my work. While I'm no longer in that position, I believe in the mission to help people see and understand their data (or in my words, turn data into information in order to make well informed decisions). My goal is to help you help others be engaged and see their data. I'd love to hear from you!

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          jamie fry

          Hi Emily,


          I've used tableau in some government departments in the UK for predictive analytics's (you can turn it into a working model with parameters).

          Would be interested to know what the treasury use it for

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            Joseph Rohner

            Emily, I'm with you 100%.  I've been supporting the DoD for over 10 years now and there is no shortage of data that can be used to better the organization.  I'm sure that this isn't unique to the DoD and is prevalent among all government agencies.  I've been working with a group of colleagues to integrate Tableau into our data products and it's taking hold.  I love the moment with you see the light bulb go off and people start to understand the Power of Data.

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