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    Slow workbook performance on server but low consumption of CPU

    CHEN Junxian

      Hi, all!


      I had created a workbook which load quite fast on my Tableau Desktop with a Custom SQL + Extract data source. I then published it onto my Tableau Server. This workbook loads much slower. However, when I go to my tableau server machine, I saw very low CPU and memory consumption and the I/O channel was not very crowded. With 7 cores and 215G memory, my server configuration is as below: 2 Application Servers, 2 VizQL Servers, 2 Data Servers and 2 Data Engines.



      To improve workbook performance on server, should I add one more process, I don't know, perhaps one more VizQL server?


      Please tell my whatever you think or share me your experience of how to make workbook on server faster. I've read the whitepaper http://www.tableau.com/learn/whitepapers/designing-efficient-workbooks


      Thanks a lot!



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