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    Calculations between 2 worksheets using the same data but different filters

    Bryan Mills

      I have 2 worksheets, each using their own set of multiple filters but both are using the same data. I do this so I can have 2 user-defined groups that they'd like to compare alongside one another. The 2 worksheets are identical with the same measures/filters except one set of filters are applied to one sheet and the other set to the other sheet. What I'm looking to do now is calculate the difference between those user-defined/filtered results.


      I feel like this should be pretty simple but I'm having a tough time as the calculated field [Met Std. Calc] I created like this:


      COUNT (IF([Met Std] = 1) THEN 1 END) / COUNT([Met Std])


      is used in each sheet, so simply doing [Met Std. Calc] - [Met Std. Calc] wouldn't work. Is creating 2 versions of that like [Met Std. Calc A] and [Met Std. Calc B] and then subtracting those be the solution? Or, is this more complicated than I hope and would require a more involved/complicated solution?


      Any help or direction you could push me towards would be greatly appreciated!