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    Counting measure values


      I am having difficulty out putting the count on a table and outputting the percent of total using horizontal bars via measure names. I have 11 fields in total with a calculated field placed on the colour card as per below example. the calculation for the 1st field is being populated collectively for the 1st 5 fields using the IF condition (see below) while the other 6 seem to be populating correctly.


      Columns shelf has measure values

      Rows shelf has Measure names


      Measure values placed on the label mark card

      The below calculated field is placed on the colour mark card



      if [FIELD NAME 1] = 1 THEN 'a'

      elseif [FIELD NAME 1] = 2 THEN 'b'

      elseif [FIELD NAME 1] = 3 THEN 'c'

      elseif [FIELD NAME 1] = 4 THEN 'd'

      elseif [FIELD NAME 1] = 0 THEN NULL

      elseif [FIELD NAME 2] = 1 THEN 'a'

      elseif [FIELD NAME 2] = 2 THEN 'b'

      elseif [FIELD NAME 2] = 3 THEN 'c'

      elseif [FIELD NAME 2] = 4 THEN 'd'

      lseif [FIELD NAME 3] = 1 THEN 'a'


      --- This iterates 11 times grouping the same a -d values from fields as per this example, the purpose of this is to group members from different measure names.


      I have attached a screenshot for further illustration. Also, am using a different sheet to count the row count as unable to incorporate on same sheet as per layout. I hope this helps and any assistance will be much appreciated. Please let me know in case of any specific info required for better comprehension of issue.