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    Select specific value in lookup table

    Khalid Nassri

      I am quite new to Tableau, so have patience with me

      I have two tables, Table one (T1) contains all my data with the first row being Year-Week, like 2014-01, 2014-02, and so on. Quick question regarding this, how do I make Tableau consider this as a date, and not as string?

      T1 contains a lot of data that looks like this:

       YearWeek Spend TV Movies 2014-01 5000 42 12 2014-02 4800 41 32 2014-03 2000 24 14 .... 2015-24 7000 45 65 

      I have another table (T2) that contains information regarding some values I want to multiply with the T1 columns, T2 looks like:

      NAME TV Movies Weight 2 5 Response 6 3 Ad 7 2 Version 1 0 

      I want to create a calculated field (TVNEW) that takes the values from T1 of TV, and adds Response(TV) to it, and times it with the weight(TV), So something like this:


      This looks like this for the rows:

       (42+6)*2 (41+6)*2 (24+6)*2 ... (45+6)*2 

      So the calculation should take a specific value from T2, and do the calculation for each value in T1[TV]

      Thanks in advance