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    When I replace a reference, most fields with ! disappear

    Robb Hughes

      I have a workbook my predecessor created. The data source was on a POC Tableau server with a trial key. When I onboarded, the POC server was already shut down. The aggregate data on Hadoop today has different column names than the original data source. When I open the workbook, it wants to connect to the old POC server. I edit the connection and point it to the new data source on the production Tableau server. Because the field names changed I receive a lot of "!" in front of fields. I realize this means I need to replace the reference. I attempt to do this, but after replacing the first field with the new reference, many of the other fields I need to replace just disappear. It doesn't seem to matter what field I replace, this happens every time. I've attached a video to demonstrate what is happening. What can I do to avoid this behavior?