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    Tableau Server Extract

    Apeksha A

      Hello, I am having issues with my Tableau extracts and need some assistance. We are using version 9.0

      All the extracts on the server worked fine until last week however recently it fails to run automatically and we need to run it manually.


      Tried restarting the server and cleared a lot of space. I do not see any error message in the background tasks.

      Is there any log files that I need to see that will give us information about the error


      Any help is appreciated


      Thanks much,


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          Andrew Carlson

          Hi Apeksha,


          The process responsible for updating/refreshing extracts is called the "Backgrounder", and has its own set of logs on the server that can probably help you out.


          Further, whenever an extract fails on the server, it should cause an Alert in the upper menu bar of the server itself - clicking on the alert shows you the specific error (if available), along with the connection information that the server is trying to use to update the data. That's always the first place I look when an extract fails.


          Of course, the regular list of culprits also applies:

          -What is the data source that you're trying to extract from? Is it a Database? A Flat File?

          -"Where" is it located? If it is a flat file, is it on the same machine as your server?

          -How "Big" is the extract? How much data are you trying to pull back?

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            Toby Erkson

            Did anyone alter the General Server Settings?

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              Apeksha A

              Hi Toby,


              Thanks for replying.The server settings has not been altered

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                Apeksha A

                Hi Andrew,


                Thanks for replying. Strange thing is that there are no alerts on the server. Let me check the log files mentioned

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                  Atul Yadav

                  Hi Apeksha,


                  You can check below mentioned logs for more details.


                  Log location is C:\ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server\data\tabsvc\log\\backgrounder

                  Note:-  according to you installation location, log location will change





                  Thanks .


                  Atul Yadav