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    Determining the number of days (gaps) between multiple date ranges

    Adam Ackerman

      I am working with data that includes start and end dates for patients that are considered eligible for certain medical coverage.  Some patients have one range of dates while others have multiple ranges (multiple start and end dates) across multiple years.  My quest is to understand how to visualize the gaps between date ranges.



      Patient ID#1234

      start date:  2/1/2014

      end date:  11/15/2014


      start date: 12/20/2014

      end date:  5/4/2015


      start date: 5/5/2015

      end date: 9/30/2015


      There are 3 distinct date ranges of medical eligibility for this person.  I want to quantify the in-between gaps and be able to show these gaps on a timeline or perhaps a Gantt graph. Essentially see over time when the person was covered and when they weren't.


      I do not have any sample data, unfortunately.  But any ideas of examples would be awesome.  Thanks.