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    calculated field count within date range

    Jeffrey Johnson

      Is is possible to have a moving calculcation of count within a date range?   For example, I am calculating employee turnover.  I have a large flat file that includes hire date, termination date, and employee information.  I want to be able to tell how many active employees we had in a particular timeframe (i.e. January 2015) based on a count of anyone hired prior to 1/1/2015 on the condition that their termination date is AFTER 1/31/2015.


      I need to do so I can analyze turnover by multiple dimensional slices so I think it needs to be a Tableau calculation rather than using excel.


      The "final" calculation will be number of terminations divided by the number of active employees for a specified date range and various dimensions.  It would be most beneficial if the date range could be easly adjusted to see how the number smoothes over time to create rolling year calculations.