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    Adaptive Bar Chart in Tooltip

    Lucie Krennwallner


      Colleagues asked for a bar chart showing “top 10 & others”. Of course there should be an option to see what “others” comprises. That’s easy using dashboard actions. However, it would be really neat to see anything that “others” includes listed in the tooltip. And real luxury would be to see these “other items” visualized in a bar chart (see attachment: BarChartInTooltip.jpg).



      ANDY COTGREAVE’s great post http://interworks.co.uk/blog/charts-in-a-tooltip/ explaining how to create a barchart in Tooltips initiated a couple of blogs applying his suggestions (e.g. https://public.tableau.com/s/blog/2014/04/using-bar-charts-tooltips).


      Alas, including Andy’s workbook, the item lists (“header of the bars”) to be shown in the tooltip bar chart, e.g. “coffee, espresso, herbal tea, tea” or “home runs, triples, doubles, singles”, are pre-defined instead of flexible. In my case, however, the list of items in the bar chart varies!


      I attached a tiny dummy Excel data set and a packaged Tableau Workbook with 3 sheets: Sheet “Top 3 & Others” is the visualization that needs the tooltip in which anything in “others” should be shown in the tooltip. Sheets “Tooltip Text” (=table, crosstab) and “Tooltip BarChart” are examples what needs to be shown in the tooltip.


      Thanks a million to anyone for advice on how to build an “adaptive” bar chart in the Tooltip!

      Happy Data analyzing, Cheers, Lucie