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    SeaTUG Collaboration Event November 18th

    Anthony Gould

      Hello SeaTUG Community!


      Join us on Wednesday, November 18th for an informal SeaTUG meet-up without a formal agenda. We hope to build our SeaTUG community and strengthen our relationships by working together to solve some of the problems we face in Tableau. Bring your frustrations and roadblocks along with your laptops and workbooks.


      After a brief introduction, we'll split into smaller breakout rooms by topic. The topics will include the following:


      1. Calculations

      2. Data Integration

      3. Visualization Best Practices

      4. TBD- Crowd Favorite- determined by survey as part of the registration process.


      To register, and for further information, please follow this link:

      SeaTUG Meetup: Viz questions? Bring em! Tickets, Seattle | Eventbrite


      Registrations will be capped this time around so sign up early!