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    Group Grand Total and Subtotal?

    Jennifer Sanchez

      Hi All -


      As always - I appreciate anyone's time and help with this. I am trying to get a group grand total when I have sub totals. I can get the following information in tableau with the field names: Med Name, Status, and COUNT OF Med Name. But I would like to see the grand total in another column which in this case would be 2,774 (sum of each of the sub groups). I have multiple rows of "med names" so I cannot use "sum of records." I've also attached this in an excel spreadsheet with the column highlighted with how I would like tableau to calculate this for me so that I can do some further manipulation (% and per 1000 count). Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all in advance.


      Med Name                     Status          COUNT OF MED NAME

      Cough Medicine              B                         50

                                              C                          1

                                              D                          1356

                                              G                           62

                                              I                             7

                                              M                           17

                                              N                            2

                                              P                            1276

                                              T                             3