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    Building our own Tableau mobile app

    Ashok Peeta

      Hello Tabsters,


      I need some help on this weird thing that I am trying. Instead of using the provided mobile app(the easy way) I am trying to embed the viz in a mobile app(supposed to be easy) and give the user access to just the viz I embed in that app. This is how I implemented that.


      1. First created the viz and published on the tableau.online.com server

      2. Using the Sharing link I was able to embed the viz in an HTML.(successfully viewed the viz using the HTML etc.)

      3. Using webview embeded the HTML containing the viz in an app(android)


      when I open the mobile app its taking me to a tableau.online SSO page and when I click on "sign in to tableau online" button its taking me to a browser page and when I enter the credentials its not returning back to the app. How can I bypass the login pop up in the mobile app. Is this something that should be taken care on the Tableau side or by the mobile app development side.  The following images show the flow. Please provide any information you have.



           1. After Launching the app


           2. After clicking the login button in the app taken to a browser(chrome here)

      chrome page.bmp

           3. After submitting the credentials this is where it stops not returning to the app