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    Anyone need projects done???

    Thomas Rones

      I am currently a student and just want to get more experience with Tableau. I have gone through all the training offered, and used it a few times for some school projects, but like any software, lack of use on a consistent basis causes one to lose those skills.


      I would just make up stuff to do, but I doubt that would work due to my idealist notion that I should only be working on things that will have an actual impact in real life. Why expend brain energy on theoreticals?


      If you would like me to take work off your hands just let me know. I have a plethora of free time and playing with Tableau is a much better use of that time than movies or videogames... Plus I need to be building a portfolio of work to stand alongside my resume. You would be doing me more of a favor than I would be doing for you.