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    Restore prompt Password


      Hello everybody,


      We have two servers TABLEAU, while restoring the first one it doesn't ask for a password . The second server asks for a password to enter before restoring .


      I need to understand why the first one doesn't ask for the password. I  tried to change the user in confirguration Tableau but it doen't work. It starts restoring directly without any need to enter anything. I also added a user by Configuring Local Security Policy.


      Please if you have an idea or a solution share it.


      Here is the message prompted on the second Server :


      ===== Beginning to restore the backup

      ===== Verifying backup manifest


      -- Restoring service configuration

      Please enter the password for DOMAIN\user:


      How can I have the same message in the first server ?


      Here is the command typed : tabadmin restore PATH



      Thank you in advance.