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    New to this user group.

    Louis Oliveira

      Hello everyone.  I am new to the user group and was currious if the group meets on a regular basis locally in town and if it does when is the next meetup?  Thank you all.  -Louis

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          Laurence Smith

          Hello Louis. Actually there was an Atlanta Tableau User Group (ATUG) meeting this afternoon (Oct 29th) in Midtown (Atlanta, GA). Contact Andy Piper for more information. He is the ATUG Coordinator.


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            Andy Piper



            As Laurence Smith indicated, we did have an ATUG meeting yesterday. We discussed how a company might be able to use Tableau with another product called Birst to recognize better performance and provide an additional security layer; we also went over some techniques to enhance visualizations by customizing tooltips.


            To receive the invites to ATUG, you would need to join the TUG. This is done via the Tableau website by choosing Support | Groups and choosing the option at the bottom of the page to Join a TUG. You would need to fill out some info so Tableau knows which TUG is closest to you.


            I create the invites that Tableau then distributes. Often I post a link to the event's registration page on the ATUG LinkedIn page (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/2359047) shortly after I pass the invite over to Tableau for distribution. The invite for our next meeting, December 3rd, will likely be going out the 2nd week of November; so if you don't receive it, check out the LinkedIn site.


            As an FYI, the tickets for the events tend to go quickly (often within the first few hours of the invitations going out).