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    Colors out of sync

    Peter Gilks

      I have a support case open for this but wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing, or has found a way around it:


      I have a dashboard with two charts side by side, a line chart and a bar chart. Each is split by the same dimension, and colored by that dimension. The intention is that by using the color reference you can quickly see both the overall performance of a product and how that has changed of the time period selected. Simple right?


      There is a parameter to switch the dimension and a quick filter to change the universe of products (think changing product category in Superstore Sales). On desktop everything works great, whether I change parameters or filters the colors across the two charts stay synchronized.


      When I publish to Server (9.0.6), I start getting issues that when I change the filter, the colors across the two charts go out of sync, so the product A on the bar might be blue and product B on the line might be red.


      Here's a picture of what it looks like, I can't publish the real workbook. Its working on a live Amazon Redshift connection.