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    Column/row limitation

    Madhu Pimple



      Can anyone tell me how to increase tableau row/column display in one sheet...

      Currently I can only extend up to 16 rows... Analysis->table layout->advance ..... Kindly suggest


      Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 12.01.28 AM.png

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          Kenneth McBride

          Madhu, it looks as though you've found the "Tableau" way to increase the number of rows/columns up to the maximum allowed, 16. You could possibly combine some of your dimensions by holding CTRL and clicking two or more fields and then Create>Combined field but depending on several factors this isn't always an option.


          Honestly, I think you need to take a step back and ask yourself why you need to add additional fields to what has to already be a very crowded worksheet. Perhaps another solution is to break your requirements up into multiple worksheets or to reevaluate the ask, is there another way you can accomplish your goal without the need for so many fields on a single sheet.



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            Chris McClellan

            I've abbreviate what Ken said ..... "you're using it wrong".  If you need more than the limits provide then you're not visualising the data properly.

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              Sankarmagesh Rajan

              Hi Madhu,


              We can edit xml and add more columns.






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                Kenneth McBride

                I'm reminded of the saying "just because you can doesn't mean you should". I would recommend seeking a better understanding of why this is a bad idea before you jump to hacking up the xml for the sake of poor design.



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                  Sankarmagesh Rajan

                  Hi Ken,


                  Yes, this is bad idea. we cannot use more then 16 columns then only option to edit the xml and all links say the same. Why the tableau not implemented to add more then 16 columns in new version.


                  When we say this to client they will say do anything and show this. but when we ask our experts here they said go with excel and create report.


                  Anyway tableau will implement this then we will happy.





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                    Kenneth McBride

                    he reason Tableau didn't implement it is because it's a bad idea and I honestly hope they don't implement it. One thing that has always set Tableau apart from the competition is their desire to maintain certain standards.


                    Regarding client asks, there are definitely times when clients ask for things that are disadvantageous. This serves as a great opportunity to show true value as a consultant by explaining the risks associated with poor decisions and by proposing alternatives. It's far too easy to hide behind the "my client asked me to build this ugly chart so I did" instead of working in partnership with them to make good design decisions.



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                      Robert Kowalski

                      There is very easy way to understand why there is a 16 column limit.

                      Tableau has no pure table view like Excel sheet. The only table view available is pivot table (just like Excel pivot table).

                      Now, can you imagine someone who need more than 16 dimensions wide pivot table in Excel?

                      Why should then Tableau have more?

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                        Robert Kowalski

                        Sorry to burst your bubble but if you go to Ideas viz and select status Released, you will quickly find out that idea score has nothing to do with likelihood of something being implemented. For past year nothing with score more than 2 has been implemented

                        I found it discouraging to say the least.

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                          Shawn Wallwork

                          Robert, the short answer is that all these 0-2 implemented Ideas were already on Tableau's feature road map.


                          The longer answer is that many of the highest voted Idea are being worked on, they are just not implemented yet. 'Join Data from different sources' for instance was announce at TC15 as being worked on. 'Dynamic Parameters' is In Review. So the top voted ideas do get attention. But an Idea really needs to 'sell' the use case. Every Idea has to answer the question: 'What will this allow us to do that we can't currently do, and why do we want to do that?' The better you can answer this question, the more likely your idea will be considered, no matter how many votes it gets.





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                            Robert Kowalski

                            Yep, thanks guys for your responses.

                            I confess it was somewhat bitter approach from my side.

                            Especially when TC15 shed a lot of hope in my heart for Tableau future.
                            Cross-datasource filters, zipcode geocoding for almost all countries, cluster analysis are very welcome changes.
                            Dynamic multiple selection parameters (or just quick filters which can be used in calcs) and hierarchical filters (working not only on cubes but tableau hierarchies as well) are still eagerly awaited things.

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                              Shawn Wallwork

                              Robert I took a closer look at the Idea section in regard to Status: Released. I think you're misunderstanding how the dates are setup on this viz. The date filter is for when the Idea was created, not when the Idea was marked released. So we don't really have any way of knowing what Ideas were released this year.


                              If you set the filter to the last 12 years, and highlight 60+ votes, you'll see this:


                              For instance that Google Spreadsheet Idea was created back in Aug 15 2012, yet it was only recently released. So there have been many 60+ vote Ideas that have been recently released, we just don't know how many.


                              I guess I'm saying it isn't as bleak as it might look at first.