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    Sheet selector- dynamic title

    Mikey Michaels

      Hello All,

      I've added the sheet selector to my dashboard- very excited!

      The only problem is the instructions said to hide the title, which make since, however I want the title to show only only one sheet and not the others. Is this possible? If not, is ideas on how to work around this?




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          Simon Runc

          hi Mikey,


          Yes you can do this, and the trick is to create another sheet to be your title. If you just drag number of records into a worksheet, on the label, you can then go into the Label tile, and edit it to be the title you want. Then set up the same swap filter as the sheet you want it to display with.


          Drag this into your container too, and then when you selected the 'titled' sheet in your sheet-swap parameter, both the title sheet and the sheet to show will both appear, and then disappear when you choose to show the other sheet.


          Hope this makes sense, but if you run into any problems please post back and I'll work you up an example.

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            Mikey Michaels

            Perfect thank you!

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              Kyle Peterman



              I'm hoping that you might be able to help me.  I have a dashboard with two sheets and I have built 2 additional sheets for the titles.  I have the bar charts swapping properly and when I follow your instructions above for the first title it aligns at the top of the container about the graphs perfectly.  But, when I try to place the second "Title" sheet, it aligns Title 2 under the Title 1 sheet with about 25px of vertical spacing for Title 1 sheet and Title 2 sheet.  I have added an attachment.  The blue bar is where Title 1 is, the green bar is where

              Title 2 is and the black area where the bar charts are.  I want the blue section and green section to overlap, but I cannot seem to get it to setup right in the container and I cannot change the heights of the blue/green area.  Any help would be appreciated.


              I'm running on 2018.1




              test sheetswap.png

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                Simon Runc

                hi Kyle,


                You said you attached the workbook, but I can't seem to see it.


                I think, if I understand correctly, the sheet (title) you don't want in view isn't full collapsing? If you add a "dummy" dimension like this



                Here 1One is just the number 1 (made into a discrete dimension). You can hide the header for this, and now the sheet should fully collapse



                If that doesn't do the trick, let me know and if you attach your example I'll take a  look

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                  Kyle Peterman

                  Thanks Simon,  I'll give this a try.  If it doesn't work, then I will build out an example of what I'm running into.

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