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    Tableau "Bring Your Data" Event

    Franca Higginbotham

      Hi everyone,

      If you're wondering about a "Tableau User Group" email you may have received, it's for a local fundraiser taking place in Troy, AL on November 17th. I realize most of you live in Montgomery and may not be able to make it. We will be having a separate post Tableau Conference user group within the next few weeks.


      We are holding the "Bring Your Data" fundraiser to bring dataviz awareness to local businesses in Troy, AL. We will be having hands-on work session with Alabama Department of Education data and Tableau Public. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own data, properly formatted in Excel to this session! This experience will demonstrate the power of Tableau as it applies in the workplace, and all donations/proceeds will go to Aim for Hope, a local non-profit!


      Tableau "Bring Your Data" Fundraiser Tickets, Troy | Eventbrite