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    Sheets fading on dashboard called by JavaScript API

    Mason Wrolstad

      Hey team,


      We have a few workbooks hosted out on a Tableau Server and we use the JavaScript API to call the workbook we desire into a portal environment in our company. This particular workbook uses parameters to distinguish between designated work locations. It seems to work fine when we call a workbook into the portal, but a strange error occurs when a user goes back and forth between two work locations. Here is what it looks like initially:


      This is a workbook selected using the JavaScript API, with the parameter "WA004" passed in. We then change the "Search By Site Code" to reflect "WA001 - Auburn, WA" and click the "Show Trends" to call the JavaScript API to get the workbook and this is what happens:


      You'll notice that the the "shaded" sheets are similar to the previous screen, and only the Total Count by Building sheet changed. It seems like it's keeping the old data for some strange reason. If we decide to change any of the filters (in this case, the date), the workbook then goes back to normal and reflects the correct data like so:



      We've tried recreating the workbook a few times to only get the same error. We've also made sure no parameters were selected before publishing and no filters/actions were selected. I guess what we want to know is what would cause that "fading" effect to occur when switching between workbooks while using the JavaScript API? We have similar workbooks that use similar logic, but none of them are getting this error. Could it be a data issue that causes that type of problem? We also wanted to see if anyone else has had a similar issue.


      Thanks for any input that anyone has, appreciate it!

      Mason W