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    Seeking Documentation or guidance on Tableau workbook file format

    Dave Holmes-Kinsella

      I'm trying to build dependency graphs to figure out what's being used where in my tableau workbooks.


      I notice tempting relationships expressed in the XML of a TWB file:


      A dashboard definition header:

      <window auto-hidden='0' class='dashboard' maximized='1' name='Category Explosion'>   </window>

      A worksheet definition header:

      <window auto-hidden='0' class='worksheet' maximized='0' name='Level1 by Brand'>

      What appears to be the reference to the worksheet in the dashboard definition:


             <window auto-hidden='0' class='dashboard' maximized='0' name='Brand-Category Explosions'>

            <active id='13' />


              <zone name='Level1 by Brand'>


      It's tempting to conclude that zones are the pointers to the workbook names within the dashboards and so on.


      All of this is amenable to some nifty graphs via Python & whatnot but I'd prefer to not stumble around in the dark.


      any pointers or suggestions?