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    Setting a flag and storing it in tableau

    bharathwaj vijayakumar

      I have a list of students which is updated daily in our server. But the user is asking the ability to set a flag on their screen once they contact a student. I thought of creating a parameter and a formula based on the parameter. So, once a user enters a id into that parameter box, if the id on the sheet is equal to the id on the parameter, then the flag will be set to 'Yes' else it will be set to 'No'. But, I am not able to keep that value stored. It changes as soon as the user puts in a new id. So for the new id, the flag will be 'Yes' but for the old ID, the flag will go back to No.


      I cannot create 1000s of parameter for every id in the database. I have attached a sample sheet. Please give some ideas about how to do this. I am also open to using SQL may be I can use update statement in SQL with tableau but you have to guide me in doing that too