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    Blended data and mapping

    Ashley Barrett

      So I know there are tons of posts on this, so if you are familiar with a similar question to this way, please feel free to send me there. I just haven't been able to find it.


      I am doing some DMA mapping where I am blending my DMA polygon files on a source in SQL. I am trying to color my circles based on the value from LEAD and size on ORDER. I am blending on DMA Code. I am getting the desired results on my test worksheet, but when I move the calc field for color on my map, it puts everything in the 80% bucket (my THEN labels are a little misleading I know, more focused on the equation at the moment and why it's not working). Happy to answer any questions, can't post workbook do to NDA. (I need to do the same thing for Size on Order on this map as well, but logic should be the same...) Thanks in advance!

      Map View.PNGCalc Field Color on Lead.pngWorking here.png

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Ashley, this one is going to be a tough one to diagnose without a sample packaged workbook, so best to dummy up some data and post a workbook. This is especially true since your color field is a table calculation, so will have different addressing/partitioning on the map (which includes lat/long) than it does on the text table.





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            Thomas Exter

            Hello Ashley, I replicated calculating a categorical variable from a continuous variable (which seems to be what you are doing) and the new variable was automatically placed among my dimensions. When placed on the color shelf to color circles on a map, multiple colors displayed. Perhaps it's as simple as dragging your calculated variable up to dimensions?



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              Ashley Barrett

              Hey all, thanks for replying. I certainly understand the challenge of helping without the workbook posted. I will work on mastering the art of anonymizing my data for the next round. I was able to get help from Tableau Support as it was a critical issue for a deliverable. Thanks for your willingness to help.


              The issue was discovered by dropping DMA Code on the Test worksheet to the Details mark, which broke the color calculation. Blake, from Support, noted that after doing this, I needed to go to Edit Calculation to the Advanced window and Compute by DMA Code and DMA Name. This resolved it on both the Test Worksheet and the map.


              Again, thanks for your efforts!