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    Auto refresh twbx on Tableau server

    Abhilash Singh

      Hi All,

      I am new at this. So sorry if this is a repeat. I tried searching but couldn't seem to find the exact method to do this.


      I extract data from Oracle server, then process it in R and then write the final table as a csv file. This is a weekly process. I then link the twbx workbook with the new csv every week and keep the connection type as extract. The dashboard is refreshed and everything is OK.

      I then tried to publish the workbook on server and selected auto refresh every 1 hour to see if it refreshes or not. That never happened! I even tried the 'refresh now' option but it said '1 extract refresh has been queued to run' but nothing happened again.


      I searched a bit and I found few problems which might be happening but it didn't really helped my case.

      For ex:

      1. Saving it as twbx creates a extract in temp folder and won't refresh because the extract is static

      2. The include external file option while publishing the dashboard is causing some problem. I tried both way to include and not to include and then publish but no luck.

      3. To have the csv as a live connection, then save the file as twbx and then extract data, then publish. But same result.

      4. Published a twb as well.. but no luck


      What am I missing here. Can someone explain in lay man's term. All I want is when I link the desktop workbook with a new csv, the same should be reflected on the server.

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          Derrick Austin

          Hello Abhilash,


          In order to refresh the CSV, it will need to be stored on a network drive that Tableau Server (And the run as user) can access. You will want to point your TWBX to that location as well.


          If it is already setup this way, you might check the "background tasks" page to see if there is an error occurring during your refresh.


          Flat files can get a bit tricky sometimes, due to the networking issues.

          Publishing the final data back to Oracle after processing may be an easier alternative, if possible.

          Derrick Austin

          InterWorks, Inc.

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            Abhilash Singh

            Hi Derrick,

            Thanks for the quick reply.

            So currently I have the twbx and the csv on a shared network (client's drive, Both not in the same folder) I do point the twbx to new csv every week when I refresh the data. I don't know how to provide tableau server access to share network . (will shifting the twbx and data on my local C or D drive help?)

            I will check for background tasks.

            Staging the processed data on oracle is not possible. Its an option I want to avoid.

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              Derrick Austin



              In order to refresh the data on Tableau Server, you will need to replace the original file on the shared drive.

              The Tableau Server user and machine should be setup to have access to the shared drive as well.

              When setting up Tableau Server, a "runas" user is specified. This is the user that will need access.


              The network location will need to be the same as it is setup on your machine. (IE: if you mounted the shared drive as "M:\"... Better yet, use the UNC path: \\myfiles\folder1\myfile.csv)


              If you can RDP to the Tableau Server box with the RunAs user and see the file at the same location as you used to generate the extract, you should be able to refresh it.

              Derrick Austin

              InterWorks, Inc.

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                Abhilash Singh

                Hi Derrick,

                Sorry for the late reply.

                So I do replace the original file on the share drive. Regarding 'runas' thing. Can you be specific where exactly do you get this option? because when I publish I didn't notice anything like this.

                Also, I am pretty sure I use UNC path but still how exactly can I check (meaning while publishing a dashboard, till scheduling a refresh I do not see any place where I can check this)

                I am running tableau 9.0 server. Any idea how can I check the background process? I checked every possible option, I couldn't find it.

                I think I am asking very basics questions but it would be great if you could help me out.

                and I am asking this again, am I missing some step while publishing?? I made a twbx workbook and then simply published it and scheduled a refresh.

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                  Derrick Austin

                  Hello Abhilash,


                  The "runas" setting is in the Tableau Server configuration screen. You will need to connect to to the tableau server gateway machine to view these settings.


                  You can check the path for the CSV by right clicking on the original (pre-published) version of the datasource and selecting "properties". If "filename" contains two backward slashes at the beginning (\\), then you are using the unc path.


                  - Derrick

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