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    tabjolt passing parameters to views

    Ian Biggs

      I've been testing with the following sort of URLs in vizpool.csv.




      Looking at the SQL generated, these parameters are not making it into the view i.e. still using the default values in the view.


      Am I doing something wrong or is this by design?


      I note it says in the installation guide:



      You can now append a query parameter to the Viz Url to force a certain server behaviour (You can find a list of query parameters here). Your vizpool.csv might look something like:




      This seems to suggest that it only passes Tableau parameters i.e. :toolbar=no.

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          kaifeng zeng

          You could use fiddler to monitor the http traffic between tabjolt and the server. Go to servertestconfig.yaml file and change the setting "proxyEnabled: false" to true. Then you can check the response sent by Tabjolt to the server in fiddler. Tabjolt should send the query meter as it is to the server.


          Also, I notice that your url for different site is wrong. It should follow this format "/site/newsite/views/WorldIndicators/GDPpercapita"

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            vishwanath Pendyala



            Ian from my understanding we can not pass any parameters to the views. You just need to configure the view "/site/newsite/views/WorldIndicators/GDPpercapita" in vizpool.csv and can not pass any dyanmic paramerts in tabjolt.



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              Ian Biggs


              I’ll try the proxy, probably be nginx rather than fiddler but the effect should be the same.




              I’m not having any problems with the URL bar the parameters not making it.


              If I intentionally mess it up I get:




              FATAL [2015-10-28 09:54:28,237][setUp Thread Group 1-1] (LoadSessionSetup.java:5


              7)   - Failed to set up load test session. Stopping the test run.


              java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "ACTUAL_NAME_DELETED"


                      at java.lang.NumberFormatException.forInputString(Unknown Source)




              The /t/SITENAME is what you get by using the share functionality and stripping off the host section.


              Probably should have used something other than /t/site in the post maybe /t/oursite or SITENAME.


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                kaifeng zeng

                When you using something different than fiddler, just make sure that you update the proxy port in servertestconfig.yaml properly.


                proxyEnabled: false

                proxyHost: localhost

                proxyPort: 8888

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                  Ian Biggs

                  I worked out what's going on.


                  The url is being urlencoded which appears to be causing a problem.


                  We have parameters with spaces in their names, which were encoded %20.

                  This lead to the % being encoded.

                  However, having changed these back to spaces it still does not work.

                  I'm wondering if the JMeter encoding, using + rather than %20 for spaces could be causing an issue?


                  Looking in the HTTPD access logs on the gateway (saves setting up a proxy) the URL given via share works just fine.

                  The JMeter encoded versions don't. Is there a way of removing the call to __urlencode so I can control exactly whats going on here? I'm not familiar with JMeter.

                  Apache JMeter - User's Manual: Functions and Variables


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                    Ian Biggs

                    Further testing suggests there isn't a problem with the format of the URL when

                    it hits the gateway.


                    Taking a copy of the URL as it appears in the HTTPD gateway log, logging into server and then navigating to

                    that URL (paste into the address bar) produces the correct result. Parameters populated and I can see the

                    correct parameters being used in the backend SQL.


                    Somewhat at a loss now ...

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                      kaifeng zeng

                      Could you simpily your query parameter and test it one by one first? I am wondering if it has to do with a specific query parameter.

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                        Ian Biggs

                        I think this time I've really worked out what's going on.


                        Running through fiddler via a browser, the bootstrap session request has a lot more content, including the showParams entry, which includes the unknownParams section that includes the viz parameters that I need.


                        When running through TabJolt, the content is considerably less. No content at all when

                        looking at the webForm perspective in fiddler.


                        The content types are also different. TabJolt is generateing the bootstrap as multipart/mixed which the js library (browser) is posting as application/x-www-form-urlencoded. Content lengths are 707 and 5317 respectively.

                        I'll attach the actual requests shortly.


                        [The attachment is misnamed, should be requests not responses!!]

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                          Jenny Sanders

                          Hi Ian ,


                          Thanks for sharing such important information.

                          I am also trying to pass  parameters in the URL the in vizpool.csv file for testing in Tabjolt and even I faced the similar problems.


                          As I read through this post , I understood that Tabjolt is somewhat stripping off some parts of the bootstrap session that includes the showParams entry.


                          I am wondering if it's at all possible to use parameters in the URL ?


                          Thanks !

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                            kaifeng zeng

                            Could you please copy and paste the url in your vizpool.csv to me? There was a bug and it was fixed in the latest tabjolt. I would like to try it in-house and see if it is something new.

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                              Jenny Sanders

                              Hi kaifeng,


                              Please refer to the following vizurl I am getting error while trying to filter on any dimension.


                                vizurl--  /site/Marketing/views/SalesDashboard/Sales?:Product%20Name%20(pr)=Global%Shipping%Pvt%20Ltd


                              vizurl  -- /site/Marketing/views/DailyTrades/Trades?:embed=yes&device=ipad


                              I am getting all test failures  whenever passing a parameter. I am not sure if I am doing anything wrong , maybe a syntax error?


                              Thanks !