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    site admin can't view settings tab

    Thom Gourley

      I received a complaint from one of the site administrators on our Tableau Server (currently at 9.0.1).  He was needing to reset a user's password for his site.  Clicked on the user from the site user list, but could not see the "Settings" tab option.  I had him check to see if he could see the Settings tab for any of his users and no, he can't.


      I created a test user on the server and assigned it as a user on the site in question with site admin role on that site. I logged in as my test user and verified that I could not see the Settings tab for any users on the site who are exclusive to this site.  I then logged out of the test user account, and re-assigned the same user to other sites as a site admin and ditto for all sites I tested.


      Any ideas, comments?  Is this a 'feature' of 9.0 that has been fixed in 9.1?