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    Web Data Connector

    pranjal gogoi


      I am new to tableau. I have developed a web connector which is using web service as a data source. The web service is a very simple web service developed using Microsoft VS2010. it returns following JASON results for the web method GetEmployessJSON():



      But when I call the web connector from the Simulator.html, records are not displayed.


      I am attaching my connector page.


      It would be highly appreciated for any kind of suggestion.


      Thanks & Regards,


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          Jeff D

          Hi Pranjal, this is an excellent opportunity to use the debugging tools available in modern browsers.  F12 will bring up the tools (Chrome, Firefox, or IE). 


          Check out the console window.  If there are errors, they will appear in this window.


          Go to the scripts window, bring up your source code, and set a breakpoint on the "success" callback.  Step through the code a line at a time to see what's happening.  For example, you are looking for an element named data.query.results.quote.  Does this element really exist?  Can you see anything else that's not working as expected?