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    How to show visualization for data for all 12 months if that data is not present in database for all 12 months?


      What I am trying to achieve here is as follows.


      Lets say I have 3 fields in my database . Month(start_date), group, users


      For some groups I have at least 1 user which has presence in all 12 months of this year, so visualizing this groups is not an issue as I can see data as -


      Dashboard  Group - A


      Users     Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

      A            1    0  0 0     0    1      0    0   1      0     1   0      1


      But for some groups so lets say Group B as I dont have single user who has any activity in 6 months I can see them as


      Users  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun

      B          1    0  0 0     0    1      0   

      I wanted to see Data for all 12 months although data is not present for these 6 months.