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    TC15 (#DATA15) What were your 10 Favorite Things???

    Shawn Wallwork

      What are your top ten favorite things about your TC15?


      Mine were (not in order):


      1. Beatles LOVE - Cirque du Soleil (I know it's not strictly TC15, but best show I've seen in years!)
      2. Bora Beran's LOD talk.
      3. Bethany & Alan's Optimizing Calcs (hands-on session)
      4. Time spent with Toby Erkson & Pooja Gandhi & Rody Zakovich  
      5. Meeting all my new Zen brethren
      6. My late night talk with kellymartin (such a wonderful, generous person)
      7. Talking 'Formatting' with several T-employees
      8. A hug from Anya A'hearn
      9. Finally putting a face to a few forum folks I feel I know; sorry I didn't find all of you (Jim Wahl !)
      10. That my wife came with me, and wants to come to Austin too!



      BONUS: Crusted salmon on sauteed wild mushrooms at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant. (Twice!)


      Thank you Tableau! See you next year.

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          That was an awesome read, Shawn! It was absolutely amazing to meet the Zen Master himself - it was a quite a task to get a hold of you though Here are my top 10 - and same, not in any specific order:


          1. Seeing the geekiness take over MGM Grand, oh boy the desert was blessed last week with all that passion of data

          2. Flashmob at the expo - what an energetic bunch

          3. Opening keynote and of course Neil deGrasse Tyson was spectacular

          4. Bumping into not one but two Zen Masters everytime I saw them - Shawn Wallwork Kelly Martin and Anya A'hearn and Allan Walker

          5. Data + Women - This gotta be my top one, loved the room full of inspiring women, great stories!

          6. Evident diversity during the devs on stage event - I love how technology is reducing the global gap

          7. Seeing the faces behind this awesome community: Tracy Rodgers, Patrick Van Der Hyde and Diego medrano

          8. Of course can't forget the Fremont Street experience

          9. Too many to name but it was amazing to finally match the names with the faces

          10. NEW FEATURES: Can't wait!!! Cross database joins, global formatting, viz in a viz to name a few


          And of course Toby Erkson's humor, Rody Zakovich's excited face all the time and Bill Lyons' fantastic life stories!


          See you all next year in Austin, TX!



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            Daniel Vincent

            Had a good time and these were my highlights...


            1. First Keynote w/dev team.  This was the best one I've seen in years.
            2. Tyson Keynote - Dr Tyson is an excellent speaker who entertains and makes you think.
            3. Advanced Data wrangling with REGEXP.  This was okay to good but should have been a Jedi hands on 2 1/2 hr session.
            4. Dashboarding on the edge of impossible.  There were a couple tips/tricks I enjoyed.
            5. IronViz - Never want to miss these as it's not just skilled users but seeing different perspectives on how to approach the data and to use the functionality of Tableau.  Not to mention the time constraint adds to the entertainment.
            6. Connecting with new Tableau users, former Tableau co-workers, etc


            Sadly my list stops there and I hope this doesn't sound like slam to the conference or to Tableau.  Rather this was my experience which I also happened to hear from others I encountered.


            I was sorely disappointed in the four Jedi level hands on sessions I went to.  It seems that Jedi has either lost it's meaning or just been dumbed down to cater to a much larger audience.  Mostly those sessions should have been labeled as advanced vs. Jedi.


            This is one of a couple areas I think Tableau needs to address.  There is now a larger portion of seasoned Tableau users looking for tips, tricks, things they haven't seen before that is truly Jedi/Zen level stuff.  I want to be in a session where I am going "****, I can do that?" or even struggle to keep up b/c I'm learning something that is blowing my mind.  This is why I follow the Zen bloggers as what they typically communicate out are things which makes me think. Andy Kriebel, Andy Cotgreave, jonathandrummey are just a few who could probably come up with something that could cater to this kind of session.


            The other area Tableau needs to rethink is having this as a 4 or 5 day conference moving the certifications, workshops, and meet ups to Sunday/Friday.  The conference is getting so big that it's really difficult to get into all the sessions you want even with them reoccurring on other days/times.  Then this issue is compounded with the snafu of pre-registering via the app vs website. 


            Regardless, good conference and I still plan to attend next year especially since it is in my home town.  And I'm hopeful to see some improvements in Jedi content by Tableau.

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              Tom W

              It was great meeting a lot of you at the conference! I wish I had more time to socialize, but it's sure been a whirlwind couple of weeks!

              I don't have a complete list of 10 so here's my top 5;

              1. Neil's Keynote was excellent. Providing the drinks was an excellent idea to help unwind at the end of the day!
              2. Matt Francis did a great session on colour.

              3. Data night out!

              4. Opening keynote - some of the features were exciting but I was more impressed at the presentation skills of the developers

              5. Ironviz. I thought this was a great idea and the resulting winner was impressive. I've spent the days since thinking about this dataset and how I would have presented it!


              TC16 in Austin will be excellent! I made a few bets along the way about the fact I thought it would be in Austin so I'm pretty pumped about that.

              Oh, 6 - I caught one of the Elviz shirts in the final keynote!

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                Toby Erkson
                1. Meeting community members.
                2. Meeting Tableau employees.
                3. First keynote.  Great idea on having the developers on stage!
                4. Niel deGrasse Tyson.  I could listen to him all day long.  BTW:  He earned a Master of Arts in astronomy in 1983 at University of Texas at Austin.  Tableau, just sayin'...
                5. Classes (i.e. break-out sessions) on Server were good.
                6. The catered food was good!
                7. The number of males present at the Data + Women session, many more than I expected.
                8. Data15 app. was helpful step in the right direction.
                9. 30 minutes between classes (better than 5 minutes).
                10. Meeting community members.


                I agree with Tom W it would've been nice to have more social time.  I didn't get to meet Andy Cotgreave Russell Christopher, Anya A'hearn, nor Allan Walker & Jim Wahl (I didn't even know y'all were going to be there!).  I wish I could've spent more time with Shawn Wallwork mainly because Pooja Gandhi is such a shorty and my neck was gettin' sore looking down at her (aw, ya know we like ya Poojie ).  I was happy to meet our newest Tableau employee community member Diego "Crows Nest Killer" Medrano (Diego medrano) and, of course, the one, the only, the original, Dustin "The Grand Master of Coffees" Smith (Dustin Smith).  Last year I saw Christian Chabot and Chris Stolte several times and spoke to both of them (no attitude & genuinely easy to communicate with) but this year I only saw Mr. Chabot when he was on stage for the first keynote   I did get to speak with Elissa Fink and she was just as wonderful.


                I agree with Daniel Vincent's comment about the "...conference is getting so big that it's really difficult to get into all the sessions you want even with them reoccurring on other days/times."


                Here's a reminder for everyone who attends and has questions after a session:  Keep your questions generalized and pertinent to the topic at hand; do NOT ask specific, long, and drawn out questions about your individual situation.  The speakers are there for the audience, not the individual, and are not there for immediate customer support!


                Overall, it was a great conference.

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                  Joe Oppelt

                  Do they post the three Iron Viz workbooks somewhere?  I have one specific thing I want to find from Skyler's workbook -- the exact blue and orange HTML color codes he used.  I found the color mix very pleasant and I want to try them out on some of my vizzes.

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                    Joe Oppelt

                    The thread title says "debrief", but the initial post asks for favorites.


                    Is there a vector for feedback suggestions to the organizers?

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                      Erin Gehn

                      In the App, you can complete the surveys?

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                        Dustin Smith

                        AWESOME THREAD!


                        My list is soooo long I won't even try and type it all out, but I'll give you a couple.


                        What I Loved About TC15


                        1.  Constantly bumping into Zen Masters and Ambassadors (Shawn Wallwork on day 1 BOOYAH!)


                        2. Tableau Doctor & Community Alley being so close together.  It also felt like they were starting to merge.  People helping people is a really cool thing to see happening in realtime.


                        3. Beginner sessions.  I know it sounds weird, but I really love going to these because it reminds me "whoa...there are so many people starting from square 1" and that I need to constantly slow down to make sure I'm helping people with their very first steps with Tableau.


                        4.  DEVS. ON. STAAAAAAAAGE!!  I love that we double down on the nerd factor at Tableau and put the people who BUILD the product in front of everyone.  And the Devs absolutely steal the show. 


                        For next year in Austin, I know it's going to be amazing.  I mean, ya'll know about break tacos, right????

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                          Dustin Smith

                          Joe Oppelt the conference app. is a great place for feedback, but if you'd rather put thoughts into an email (I know my brain definitely works better that way sometimes) you can email TableauCommunity@tableau.com and we'll make sure it goes direct to the TC15 Team (since they sit like right next to us ).

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                            Erin Gehn

                            My list::


                            1. Having side statistical competitions during the Outlier session! Our competition scored us a few seconds in the conference montage!

                            2. Seeing all the forum connections and recognizing individuals within the mass chaos.

                            3. The keynotes--Daniel Pink and Sir Ken Robinson were my favorites. Met them at their book signings!

                            4. Running into Tableau users from our area...we had no idea anyone near us used Tableau!

                            5. The Iron Viz Championship. In 20 minutes, these guys were able to glean story flows from a mass amount of data. My vote went on the big screen too!

                            6. All the walking! Definitely helped even out all the calories consumed with all the different food offerings at the conference.

                            7. The confidence gained from absorbing all the information from sessions and workshops at a rapid rate and helping other attendees around me.

                            8. The App and being able to plan out what sessions I wanted to go to, plan what hallway/expo activities I wanted to spend time at, favorite speakers I enjoyed sessions with, favorite people I met and shared deep conversations with, view meetups going on, and complete session surveys all right there. Super helpful and efficient.

                            9. The neuroscience session. It was very basic in terms of the science presented, but it was an interesting and logical way to present reasoning in dashboard efficiency. Definitely going to use some of these hard facts for speaking out against the continuum of crosstab requests.

                            10. Showing off to my boss! (lol) Before, I don't think he understood how much I have learned about Tableau on my own ((with some help from the forums of course)), how beneficial it can be to reach out to other people with similar interests, or how dedicated I am to my work. Spending this week with him kind of built up our relationship in that way. So I think that was a pretty awesome take away.

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                              Shawn Wallwork

                              Here's a reminder for everyone who attends and has questions after a session:  Keep your questions generalized and pertinent to the topic at hand; do NOT ask specific, long, and drawn out questions about your individual situation.



                              And note to speakers don't let questioners shanghai your session from the beginning, hold questions to the end. The Desktop performance hands-on session turned into a Server performance (non-hands-on) session fairly quickly! Actually it turned into a series of 1-minute doctors sessions of super-specific questions, all leaving no time for the planned exercises. I left early.

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                                Shawn Wallwork

                                Huh? Joe you have ambassador privileges, feel free to change the title.

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                                  Joe Oppelt

                                  Dustin -- One of my feedbacks would be the assumption that everyone has the app.


                                  My phone, for example, is so old that the app wouldn't install.


                                  I'll drop email.

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                                    Toby - I do not know what you are talking about. Haven't you heard the good 'ol quote 'God only lets things/people grow until they are perfect?, some of us clearly didn't take as long as others'  

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