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    Using a trend area chart date as a filter

    Naquiyah Cash

      Hi All


      Wondering if someone can help out here.


      I am trying to create a dashboard with a trend chart it can be either line or area chart. The idea is to have the last 12 months get populated excluding the current month and then use this trend graphs months to filter the data below it.


      • When creating a line chart I need to bring in the year to get the order right however when I do that the data gets split up. Need a continuous line
      • So I changed it to an area chart. However when an area chart I am unable to select a month lets say September 2015 so that the bar chart below refreshes according to the selection. Anyone know how to work around this?
      • The other thing is how do I exclude current month? remember I still need the last 12 months excluding the current month


      Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 7.20.12 PM.png



      I have attached a packaged workbook below and ANY help on this would be highly appreciated.