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    Plotting graph based on this this week's date as well as same days last week

    babu ironman

      Hey guys,


      Big fan of this forum. Need your expertise on the problem i am facing. Below is the original data in my EXCEL which i am uploading to tableau and saving as extract.. I will leep adding data at the end of the row everyday and refresh and the extract.



      Bandwidth status7-Oct-1521%
      Bandwidth status8-Oct-1569%
      Bandwidth status9-Oct-1567%
      Bandwidth status10-Oct-1515%
      Bandwidth status11-Oct-1566%
      Bandwidth status12-Oct-1523%
      Bandwidth status13-Oct-1567%
      Bandwidth status14-Oct-1515%
      Bandwidth status15-Oct-1566%
      Bandwidth status16-Oct-1567%
      Bandwidth status17-Oct-1515%
      Bandwidth status18-Oct-1566%
      Bandwidth status19-Oct-1567%
      Bandwidth status20-Oct-1515%


      So here's the solutioni need:


      1. First thing. I need the bar graph for today()-3 days. I.e. if today was 20th oct, i need the graph to be plotted for 20th, 19th and 18th. When i refresh teh data on 21st, it should automatically update. Probbably we can use datediff for this.
      2. Second thing: Along with those 3 days, i need to plot data for last week, same day. i.e. If today is 20th, i need data to plot graph for 20th,19th,18th and 13th,12th and 11th. I am not sure how to use LOOKUP formula for this.

      I have attached the sample answer i am looking for. Please note that, as the day moves forward, whenever i refresh, data should automatically refresh. Ex: If today is 21st, when i refresh, data should automatically change to 21,20,19,14,13,12.


      Tried with many things but couldnt figure out this one simple thing.


      Also it would be of great help if you can let me know some websites where i can learn tableau well.





      Experts, please help here.:)