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    Stock total filter by time/region

    Cameron Sutcliff



      I need to be able to show a stock at different point in time (e.g. subscribers to Product X).

      I have the data with the stock at different end points divided by Region. For Example:


      Jan 2015 -  10,000 Subs USA

                     -  3,0000 Subs Canada

      Feb 2015 -  12,000 Subs USA

                     -  2,000 Subs Canada

      Mar 2015 -   14,000 Subs USA

                     -    2,000 Subs Canada


      I also have a time filter, so when I select Jan - Mar in my time filter I want it to show TOTAL subs on March (in this case: 16,000)

      and if I select February, I want it to show TOTAL subs in February (14,000)


      Using Tableau SUM  and showing Jan - Mar period ADDS up Subs for Jan + Feb + Mar.


      How do I get Tableau to give me the Subs for the END Month of my filter, instead of adding it all up?



      Thanks everyone,