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    What are a Pane, a cell a canvas?  The help pages are lacking in this area.

    Harvey French

      It's been asked before, but not really answered.


      I feel the help page here does not explain it well enough.



      eg. If the table on the help page had Order date as column (as now) but also region and country as rows, what panes would there be?


      I guess it is the outermost discrete column and row that define the largest pane.  I suspect that this large pane might include smaller ones.


      I don't like guessing.


      I'm also guessing about the difference between a Cell and a Pane.  I think a Pane is a cell with a canvas.  ie a cell refers to a table cell, but a pane is a canvas used for cross tabulated charts.   I'm guessing again.


      Could someone please expand on the help page (or re-write it)


      Generally, I'm not that impressed with the help pages, Does anyone know of a book that will be any better?




      PART 2:

      I attached a workbook I created (in response to Dana helpful reply), which I found very useful to demonstrate what panes are.

      It uses borders to clearly show how Tableau uses the various formatting options for borders.


      Tableau is awesome in this regard.


      Message was edited by: Harvey French.  I added PART 2 and an attachment.

      PART 3:

      When I converted the mark type to be "Text" and dragged the measured Values to be "Text" I realised:

      The individual CELLS are no longer PANES with bar charts.  Consequently, the dotted lines are now shown between the CELLS. 

      (They weren't shown when bar charts were in the PANES)