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    Excluding something from a worksheet, but including it on another


      Hi all,


      I know we've had lots of discussions on includes and excludes, but this one has me scratching my head, and I've searched all around for it.   I'm helping out a friend on this one, and I just can't crack it (if it's even possible).


      So, we have a dropdown where we can select a name.  Some of the worksheets need to include that name (or be focused *only* on that name), and the others need to exclude that name from the sheet.


      I've attached a workbook, but let me walk through it a little.  There are 4 sheets:

      Sheet 1 - Should only be what the dropdown has

      Sheet 2 - Everyone EXCEPT the dropdown

      Sheet 3 - Count of all but the dropdown

      Sheet 4 - Should be everyone.


      The dropdown is region, and I do have an action where if you click on a region in the "Should only be what the dropdown has" item, it filters the "Everyone EXCEPT the dropdown".   This is not the desired action, however, because of what has been designed (that, unfortunately, I cannot share due to the sensitivity of the information involved) - we need to be able to have the user see just the selection, and then everything *but* the selection, side by side.


      So, I need to be able to use a single dropdown to only show the selection in one of the sheets (exclude everyone but the selection), show everyone except the selection in the second sheet (exclude only the selection), and show a count of everyone except the selection in the 3rd sheet (again, exclude the selection from the count).  The fourth sheet (Sheet 4) is just a control. 


      Is this possible?  We're using a live datasource, so duplicating a field outright isn't going to happen, but we should be able to create a calculated field that references a field as a workaround.  We cannot duplicate the data source, but probably can create a second connection to it if need be.