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    Rock the Docs Meetup at TC15

    paul van zwalenburg

      Will you be in Vegas? Do you have some thoughts on Tableau documentation?

      Tableau’s Product Documentation team is hosting a meetup on Tuesday, 10/20 and would love to have a chance to meet you in person and talk. Check out the TC15 web site for more details. We hope to see you there!

      Paul Van Zwalenburg

      Senior Technical Writer

      Tableau Software, Inc.

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          Harvey French

          Hi Paul.


          I would have loved to have met you chaps in Vegas.  I have quite a  few things I would have liked to have discussed.  I appreciate you must be very busy, but if you could find to read the following two links which outline my most significant topics I would greatly appreciate you time. 



          1. Does Tableau use Poor Terminology for Pane, Cells and "Cells" ! 

          This briefly discusses some very basic terminology used by Tableau which I found a little misleading.


          10. The formatting pane

          This roughly outlines an approach explaining the "Formatting window" using a slightly different approach to the one you use currently.

          All links provided here open a section of my public OneNote Notebook.  I created this to document my learning whilst using your online videos and web pages.


          If you had time to read more, I would draw your attention to the following pages:


          2.  Me On Sets and groups compared

          3.  Me On Using Sets and groups

          4. The other pages in the same section as the above


          I'm particularly proud of 2 and 3, as they aim to explain similarities between SETS and GROUPS and I found the conclusions I drew to be a beneficial insight.  Being frank I found the help pages confusing, the reasons are mentioned in the linked pages. 


          I've been using Tableau for 10 days and I've not having not had any training so I'm learning it from the official help pages and documentation.  I hope you might consider my perspective to be a useful one.   I feel I'm doing Ok so far and I am loving tableau, clearly I have a long way to go, but WOW what a lovely journey.


          In short, I feel Tableau is an amazingly powerful yet simple tool, which can benefit people will varying degrees of technical ability i.e. from the basic excel person wanting better charts to the full corporate BI professional.  Clearly producing media to support this wide cross section of users will hard.  The current help pages I feel are very good, but there is always room for improvement, so I hope these links might be of use and perhaps provide a little inspiration.


          Thanks for all your great work so far!


          I look forwards to hearing from you.




          PS. I've posted some of this content to the forums, here's my community page


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            paul van zwalenburg

            Hi Harvey,


            thanks for your response. Are you attending TC? If so, we may still be able to meet up, if your schedule permits. If not, we can certainly connect via email and/or a phone call. I'm happy to take a look at your comments and input and will share them with the rest of our Documentation team. Hopefully we can make good use of the time and effort you've put in!




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              Harvey French

              Hi Paul,


              I've no budget to globe trot yet... working on that one... so I won't be at TC.


              I'm very aware that there must be a loads of new users like me that you must come across regularly and  I'm sure loads of people make suggestions and give you feedback.    As I am really "just another newbie" I do doubt how much value I can bring to the TABLEau.  However, if you feel you would benefit from having a discussion or a chat with me I would be very keen to get more involved.  Currently I would be able to make time to create more content if you felt would be of benefit.


              I'm very enthusiastic about Tableau and I am very keen to learn it thoroughly.  I would welcome the opportunity to give more feedback and time to your organisation, as I learn the product. Is there any chance of free licence, or perhaps any paid or intern type of work?.


              Being honest, from what I can tell, the user base seems to be crying out for more documentation and guidance. Tableau clearly has the potential to be used by an enormous range and number of of people with differing levels of technical understanding.   Providing the materials to facilitate them all is of course a very big ask!


              Overall, I'm very impressed by many aspects of the company so far, including the videos and docs, but also with the people.  I'd love to help you do some of the little things a bit better.


              The OneNote pages I have shared with you to date are very much thrown together ideas and were created as I tried to understand the "tableau way".  They may highlight some of the difficulties I seemed to face.  I do hope you find them useful or at least interesting.


              Here is another page that was created by me with assistance from a Full Qualified Tableau trainer.  I felt we worked well together,  and I found that I was able to challenge her "tableau mindset", with my newbie, "what the heck do you mean by that" approach.  I think the result may be of interest to you as it questions common tableau terminology that I have come across in tableau and it's supporting media.

              The conversation thread that produced this is here - she had a lot of patience with me!

              I would very much appreciate it if you were able to make the time to speak to me about the content I've created to date and possibly a few other ideas I have.



              Harvey French



              Phone: 0044 787 293 292 0  (UK time - GMT !)