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    Tableau features

    saurabh ramya

      Hi guys,

      I have a question around Rest API.

      1. Can we extract the data of an already built chart through REST?

      2. Can we build charts with different type of filtering options through REST?

      3. Does Tableau provide support for writing expressions (like Qlik does) to the user so they can build their own customization?

      4. Can we build data model in Tableau or we need to feed a already built data model to it? If i compare with Qlik then we can suck any form of data in Qlik and build a star schema using their scripts.

      5. Qlik claims to have associative data model which makes it very easy of the user for data discovery. Does Tableau have the same associative data model?

      6. Is Tableau available only in SAS model?




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          Russell Christopher

          1. No.

          2. No. Tableau is not an SDK.

          3. Yes.

          4. You build the data model in Tableau. However you do it without scripts.

          5. No. Tableau approaches data discovery in a different way.

          6. I think you mean SaaS? No. Tableau can be installed in premise, in the cloud, etc. It is very flexible.


          It sounds like you are trying to compare products but have not actually USED both tools. You should. That is the best way to compare - don't read marketing material, listen to people from QLIK (or me, for that matter). Download both tools and evaluate them . You can do so for free.

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            Jonathan Drummey

            Russell, I'm surprised you're responding, aren't you supposed to be ironing your flashypants, oh Dark Lord? (Then again, I should be rehearsing my presentation).


            A couple of notes on Russell's excellent points:


            #1 - Pulling the data for a view is possible by doing a csv download, for example if a view is http://myServer/views/myWorkbook/myView, then http://myServer/views/myWorkbook/myView.csv will get the dimensions and measure results used in the view. So you can use cURL or some other tool with your REST calls to get the data.


            #4 - This is one area (in my opinion) where Qlik is currently ahead of Tableau in overall capability. As much as I like Tableau's data prep, in Qlik it's possible to do a variety of joins and unions across data sources that aren't currently possible in Tableau. I do know that the Tableau devs have been thinking about this for awhile, if we're lucky we'll get to see announcement(s) about this next week at the Tableau Conference.



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              Russell Christopher

              Bed time for bonzo - I head out tomorrow AM for the long haul in - Flashypants are packed

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                saurabh ramya

                Hey Jonathan,

                One question...

                are you saying that we can download the whole view which may have many chart objects in it to CSV format and then use REST calls to get data from CSV for the whole view?

                Will it also be possible to get data from one particular object of that view?


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                  M J

                  I tried retrieving a worksheet's data as CSV using cURL, but failed.

                  The document I retrieve using cURL is actually an html calling a javascript script, which I imagine eventually ends up redirecting to the api endpoint that generates the csv file.

                  Does anyone have any idea how to achieve this ?

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                    Russell Christopher

                    Your attempt at using cURL should simply return the HTML page. That is actually expected behavior b/c it doesn't know how to allow the JS behind the page to execute and get the payload of the JavaScript execution.


                    How to get webcontent that is loaded by JavaScript using cURL? - Stack Overflow


                    FYI, Tableau 10 includes a new JavaScript API method called getData() it might do what you need it to.