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    Multiple url action using API JavaScript

    Kelvin Z

      Here is my sample dataset;


      Category     X      Y      Z

      A                10     15     20

      A                11     16     21

      B                50     100   200

      C                 4        6      8


      I have a URL action in the form of: www.sample.com/<Category>/<X>/<Y>/<Z>


      I am able to successfully pull up the website if I click on one line at a time however if I were to select on multiple lines, such as, both category A's and try to pull up 2 websites at the same time (one for the 1st category A and one for the 2nd category A) it won't let me do that.


      Is there a way to accomplish this via a loop in JavaScript?


      I'm a beginner, any help would be appreciated, thanks.