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    Community Appreciation: Jim Walh

    Shawn Wallwork

      [Rody we're getting into the difficult area of acknowledging forum folks for their contributions. The top contributors already mentioned are, well easy, and of course much appreciated.]


      But... not everyone is aware of the in-depth contributions many other members of our forums make. While these folks are a bit harder to detect (due to their relative low volume of posts), they still deserve to be honored/recognized. My first ....


      Jim Wahl has contributed a great deal to our forums. He tends to pick his places/moments carefully. But his posts are always well thought out and explained in incredible detail. You want to learn Tableau? Click his profile, then his activity, and read all his posts. You will find detailed solutions/explanations to many common Tableau problems; questions you might currently be struggling with (or not). Most of all you will find detailed insight into Tabelau, and how to better use/understand it.


      Jim seems to only post when he has something important to contribute. (Unlike me.) You want a Tableau Zen Master Tip? Follow Jim Wahl -- you will never be disappointed in his posts.