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    Tableau classroom training - any feedback?

    Paul Randall

      As a newbie, and someone who needs to rapidly upskill, how valuable is the classroom training offered by Tableau?


      I'm data-savvy, and learn well by doing, but find it hard to motivate myself with online training. I'm thinking the classroom courses would be worthwhile, but would appreciate some feedback from someone who has been on them.





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          Ed Stoddart

          Hi Paul,


          As a newbie myself, I waited about 3 months before attending a class.  I used the time to watch the online free training classes and then created a few reports using my data. Both are great options, but I felt the classroom instructors will give you some one on one time if you need it and also answer questions that you may have following the online class.  Good luck



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            Kiran Khanderao

            Congrats Paul! I am a newbi myself and found it easy to upskill by start working on public version of Tableau.


            Login to Tableau on your computer and watch your (or other resource) videos on your cell phone and try to mimic what they explain in the video.


            I found trainings are quite expensive and happen once in a while and I told myself "why not learn it myself".


            Trust me there is plenty of resources on YouTube, Tableau community pages and the rest on Google.


            Good luck!



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              Julia Barlow

              Hi Paul!  I started using Tableau in May and their online, on-demand training will get you up to speed quickly if you go through their four week program: Starter Kits | Tableau Software

              (click on the Author tab)


              That said, we did have a Tableau trainer come in and help us create our first dashboard and they are incredibly helpful if your company will spend the $$ to bring them in or send you to a class.


              I've also noticed that the community here is very helpful in terms of responding quickly to questions with sample workbooks with a problem resolution.  For every question I've come here to post, I was able to find an answer that I could use.


              Have fun with it! 

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