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    Community Appreciation - Bill Lyons

    Rody Zakovich

      Hello Everyone!


      In honor of TCC15, I wanted to start a series of Community Appreciation talks for the month of October.


      Each day, I will be writing about individuals in our community who go above and beyond to help solve questions and share knowledge.


      I believe there are several individuals who dedicate many hours (And sometimes brain cells) to help make our community be so great! And I just want to recognize them for there contributions.


      Though I have several people in mind, I don't want this to be solely "MY" appreciation, but the community's. So please feel free to email people who you want to give a BIG Thank You to, OR (If you want to) volunteer to write up on somebody one day this month.


      You can reach me anytime at RodyZakovich@gmail.com


      Ok, now on to some recognition!


      Today I want to recognize someone who is a true genius when it comes to data, Mr. Bill Lyons


      Bill Lyons, for those of you who don't know, is one of your Tableau Forum Ambassadors, and an amazing contributor to our community. His responses to people's inquiries are always spot on, and shows how much depth of knowledge he has with Tableau. He is always kind, and willing to work through any problem. On top of the amazing work Bill does on the QA side of things, he has also contributed some of the most fascinating workbooks in the Tableau Workbook Library. One of my personal favorites (Truth be told I still don't 100% understand the algorithms behind it!) is Day-Night Map with Twilight and Marks


      Day-night map with twilight and marks


      I mean this thing is cool, and it really demonstrates that you can really create anything in Tableau!


      And, if you want to get a little "Hacky" with your Tableau Workbook, refer here on how to Copy/Paste containers. I've already used this, and it is very time saving!


      How to Copy/Paste Containers


      In addition, Bill has provided great input into Tableau as a Data Visualization tool, emphasis put on Data Visualization. His responses are very insightful, and really drives home why Tableau is so great at what it does. I think we all can understand the frustration we get when we build a beautiful interactive dashboard, only to be asked "Hey that's great, can I get a PDF of that!!!!!". Though we all love Tableau, we are of course Data Analysts/Artists/Visualists first. Interactivity is what makes Tableau so powerful!


      Re: Cross Tab Reporting vs Visual Analytics


      Re: Let's talk about dashboard design!


      Is is for all this and more that I say THANK YOU Bill Lyons. Your contributions and knowledge are what help makes this community so great!


      Best regards,

      Rody Zakovich

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          Bill Lyons

          Thanks Rody Zakovich I appreciate your comments. And I also appreciate this series you have started. I'm sorry I haven't participated in this particular conversation as much as some. That does not mean I lack appreciation. I guess I just as not as expressive as others. (At least not until you get me on my soapbox about the interactive abilities of Tableau!)


          I hesitate to start naming names, because then if I leave someone out I'm afraid they may be offended. The fact is, and I wrote this in my profile quite a while back, nearly everyone in these forums helps me in some way. For some, it is because they asked a question that seemed easy at first, but really stretched me to answer (like the day/night map thing). For others, I am amazed at the depth of understanding about how Tableau works, their patience to answer questions thoroughly and their availability. The main people in that latter group for me have been matthew.lutton, Jonathan Drummey and Joe Mako. I dream of being like them.


          It is an honor to be included in such a group as all of you. Please know that I appreciate you all, and I look forward to meeting many of you in person at TC15!

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            Matt Lutton

            The Tableau Community is truly unique in its willingness to help others achieve greatness.  Thanks for the mention Bill - I certainly don't feel as if I'm anywhere near Joe or Jonathan's skill level or expertise but both were (and continue to be) great resources and just awesome guys in general!


            I am glad this spirit continues to hold true within the Forums and the Tableau community at large - it really is something that makes Tableau special, so let's all agree to do our best to support each other and never knock each other down!


            By the way, I'm walking home from Training users in Seattle -- Tableau is hiring and it's the best workplace I can ever imagine!

            Job Listing | Tableau Software

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              Alexander Mou

              In this forum, as questions are flooding, I tend to work on questions that no one has answered. Especially when some questions were answered by someone like Bill Lyons, I knew they would be very well taken care of. And I don't even need to open the posts. I didn't not have much interactions with Bill. But I know he works a lot here and with quality.


              One great benefit of this series is that it kind of summarizes and highlights what people have done. It allows me to view some of the great discussions that I missed before. Thanks Rody!

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                Simon Runc

                ...Although I'm supposed to be on holiday (and under strict instructions from the wife...for it to be a Tableau-free one)...when I saw Rody had written up an appreciation for one of my Community Hero's, Bill, I had to give her the slip,and sneak into a cafe to show my appreciation!!


                As well as being very friendly, approachable and helping so many people (as many others have noted here)...I think Bill also brings other dimensions to the community. Firstly is his blending of Maths/Data-Science to create some truly amazing/novel uses of Tableau (Bill, as you'll see from all the incoming links...Day and Night is my goto 'what is possible' Viz!), which has really extended how I see Tableau. The other way Bill has really helped me is his novel/fun ways of looking at things as was so aptly demonstrated in the link Rody posted [Re: Cross Tab Reporting vs Visual Analytics]...I now try and use this idea of lots of fun/small things to gradually engage people in to the world (and benefits) of visualising their data....which has proved very effective.


                ...more than all of this though is the fact Bill has a Borg in his front room



                ..which I thought was the coolest thing I'd seen...until he pointed me to this Video

                House entry & Living room - YouTube

                where I see that the Borg is just a small part of, what is basically, living on Deep Space Nine!!!...Just awesome!

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                  Bill Lyons

                  Thanks, Simon! You are too kind! I wish you were going to make it to TC15, I'd love to meet you!

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                    Shawn Wallwork

                    Bill most glad to see your name mentioned in this context. Your answer to this morning's SQL question was most impressive! As are almost all of your answers/posts. The depth of your skill set is, well a bit frightening. But then you are after all one of us old guys -- time can make a difference.



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                      Bill Lyons

                      LOL, thanks Shawn! Yeah, us old guys gotta stick together! What really makes me feel old is that our first great-granddaughter was born last Friday! Now THAT's frightening!