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    Introducing TabMon, a Cluster Monitor for Tableau Server

    Michael Chen

      At Tableau, we pride ourselves on empowering users to see and understand their data, including data from Tableau services.  Tableau server admins have seen some of these efforts for years in form of the admin views.  Today we are releasing a new tool to help server admins monitor the health of their servers called TabMon. 


      TabMon is a freely available open source cluster-monitoring tool that makes health monitoring easy by recording system health and application metrics out of the box. TabMon can monitor any cluster on your network and provides a clean and structured output that you can easily analyze with Tableau Desktop.


      TabMon is community-supported, and we are releasing the full source code under the MIT open source license. We hope you'll add your own contributions to this tool. We are excited to see where you take it.


      Please visit to our blog for more info or download TabMon.  You can download the source on Tableau’s Github page. Additionally sample workbooks can be found on our Github Page as well as our Installation Guide.

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