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    Load Balancing

    Tracy Mixa


      I'm researching high availability for our Tableau environment and I'm curious to see if anyone has a load balancer other than the tested F5 or Apache load balancers.

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          Hey Tracy,


          I've moved this post to the Server Admin section of the Community where you are more likely to receive a helpful response.


          I know I've worked with some users in the past who have built their own load balancers (braver souls than myself) which is an option as well.



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            Matt Coles

            We've used Zen load balancer on our smaller Tableau Server instances. We aren't doing any fancy stuff on those like we are with our F5, so I'm not actually familiar with other functionality that the product provides. But I can say they've worked well for simple traffic routing, and users haven't had any issues using Tableau Server through them.