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    Introducing VizAlerts, A Data-Driven Alerting Tool for Tableau Server

    Matt Coles

      Since the dawn of time, humans have brought up the needs that they have for various forms of alerting driven by Tableau Server. "Is a heard of mammoth approaching within the next half hour?", "Let me know when the wheel is invented", and "If the running sum of the weight of prepared food is not projected to exceed that of twelve large boulders by the time the leaves fall, notify the entire tribe that they'd better get cracking, or we'll end up eating each other when the white stuff starts falling. But don't notify Cirroc and his buddies, I can't stand those guys."...were all common needs of the day.

      We may have evolved since then, but our needs remain timeless. We all want to know what we need to do, when and only when we need to actually do it. Let's face it, all of that checking just to see if we actually need to do anything is time I think we'd all agree could be better spent binge-watching the Walking Dead.

      I'd like to introduce a new, open-source and free-to-use tool designed to do that for you. It's called VizAlerts. Because if you build a tool and you work at Tableau, by unwritten rule, it must either start with "Tab" or "Viz". We're a creative bunch, but not when it comes to tool names.

      What is VizAlerts?

      VizAlerts is an email automation platform intended to seamlessly integrate with Tableau Server. The idea behind it is that anyone should be able to easily build, share, and customize pretty much any email automation based on their own Tableau Server viz data.

      How can I get started?

      Just download the zip file from our GitHub repository, then read through the instructions to set it up in the install_guide.docx file. This should take you through each step you need to perform to get VizAlerts running against a Tableau Server instance (I strongly recommend you do this on a test / non-production instance--but you're smart and already planned on doing that).

      The next item to check out is the user_guide.docx. This goes into detail about what you will actually need to do to set up a functional alert based on your data.

      What if I need help?

      Join the VizAlerts Group! This is a public group on the Community designed to help people work through issues, discuss feature request ideas, and keep you updated on new releases.

      I can code. Can I help?

      Hallelujah! If you've got some Python chops and a good sense of how Tableau Server works, I need your help! We've got a long list of features we want to build into this tool, and I can't build them all myself in the timeframe I'd like to see them done in. Multi-threading, an internal repository database, management dashboards (and alerts--of course), an installer--all things I'd love to see get done! Join the aforementioned group and let's start talking.

      Finally: Many, many thanks to toby.erkson.0 , who spent a lot of time testing this and requesting various features before we released it. Without him, you'd have started out with a far less stable tool!


      Thanks all. Happy Alerting!


      Matt Coles

      Sr. Systems Analyst

      Tableau Software


      MColes: Edit to correct GitHub download link to always point to latest release