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    Tableau Server v9.1 installation error/Tableau Server Initialization Failed

    Chris Perry

      Here's the situation. I was given this software to test, document, and repackage for a client. I go through all the expected steps, the process takes maybe 90 minutes. At the end it doesn't say it'd finished/installed successfully. Instead it says "Tableau Server Initialization Failed. See install log at...".


      The test machine is not your standard quad-core or better. It's a Win7 Core i5 and of course it says there should be 4 or more cores ideally, 32 GB RAM, etc...but for testing purposes what we have is enough. And I have an admin account.


      From looking at the log file, it appears that the program installs-- and removes itself--several times. Included are two png files displaying what I'm seeing.


      The issue may be readily apparent. (I'm not an expert on this software.) Will the installation just give up if McAfee/ePO blocks it or?


      Any suggestions welcome, thanks!