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    Get all the sites and project for a tableau user

    Mamta Joshi


      As part of a web page development , I need to display the list of all the sites for a given tableau user. And then based on the site selected by the user, get the list of all the projects for that site.


      I'm using REST api's 2.0 version provided by tableau.


      I couldn't find any direct REST api to get the list of sites for a non admin user.

      I followed below steps.

      1) login with Server admin user.   api/2.0/auth/signin

      2) get all the sites using the admin user auth token.   /api/2.0/sites

      3) for each site get all the users.   api/2.0/sites/<site-id>/users


      but for API call to get users for a site, using server admin token, I get an error message back that the user's doesn't haven permission on few sites.


      Shouldn't a server admin have permission on all the sites data for the server?


      Is there any other way to get the sites and projects for a given user?