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    Community Appreciation - Joe Mako

    Rody Zakovich

      Hello Everyone!


      In honor of TCC15, I wanted to start a series of Community Appreciation talks for the month of October.


      Each day, I will be writing about individuals in our community who go above and beyond to help solve questions and share knowledge.


      I believe there are several individuals who dedicate many hours (And sometimes brain cells) to help make our community be so great! And I just want to recognize them for there contributions.


      Though I have several people in mind, I don't want this to be solely "MY" appreciation, but the community's. So please feel free to email people who you want to give a BIG Thank You to, OR (If you want to) volunteer to write up on somebody one day this month.


      You can reach me anytime at RodyZakovich@gmail.com


      Ok, now on to some recognition!

      Today I want to recognize an individual who has more impact on the Tableau Community than words can even describe.....Mr. Joe Mako

      For those of you who don't know, Joe is true genius and an incredible person. Most of the deep understanding we have of Tableau comes directly from Joe's teachings. His ability to investigate what makes Tableau tick, what makes Tableau do the things Tableau does is truly remarkable. But what is even more incredible is his ability (his gift) of sharing that knowledge with others.

      Though I have not directly interacting with Joe, I can tell you that much of what I understand about Tableau has come from him (In one form or another). Whether it be his blog, TDT, or responses to people's inquiries on the forums, Joe's persistent commitment to sharing knowledge has greatly impacted every single individual in our community.

      Kenneth Black recently wrote a blog post/video about the Secret of Joe Mako. If you have a spare 11 minutes, I sincerely hope you watch it.

      The Secret of Joe Mako  |  3danim8's Blog

      At the end of the video, Ken shares with us a quote from Joe that summarizes in one simple sentence, what truly makes Joe so great.

      "The more we share, the more we gain"

      Everyday when I jump on the community, I think about the impact people like Joe have had on me and my career. I think about how much I have grown, because of all the hard work they have put in to helping people better understand Tableau. And everyday I think about the fact that they do this not for recognition, but because they truly want to help others.

      I encourage everyone, if you haven't already, to go over to Joe's blog and his Tableau Public profile. You will be amazed, and delighted, with the wealth of knowledge he has shared.

      About — Joe Mako


      | Tableau Public


      So, with everything I have, I say THANK YOU Joe Mako for helping to make the Tableau Community, the best community in the world. And THANK YOU for constantly sharing your knowledge with us, it is very much appreciated.

      Best regards,

      Rody Zakovich

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          Simon Runc

          Great call Rody! Joe is one of my 'Tableau' heros (and apart from the Tableau videos I needed to get going, his posts/videos/blogs were the first place I went as a 'fledgling' Tableau-er). As Rody has so well articulated his ability to delve, experiment, understand and the communicate that knowledge to others is inspiring. More than just the knowledge he has shared, he has also taught me a 'way to think' about Tableau (notice that most of his videos and posts start with the 4 pills!). This has helped me immensely, and is how I describe Tableau to a Trainee's (in fact of the 2 days I usually get with Trainee's, I'll spend at least 1/3 of a day just to drum in this concept). A real gift for taking the 'complicated' and making it seem simple.


          Joe is also one of the friendliest and approachable people I've come across. I remember my first Tableau question (on 'weekend shading')...and Joe (who had already come up with a very clever solution previously) straight away offered to jump on a screen-share. If it be Data Densification, Data Scaffolding, his amazing insights on survey data (Likert Scales — The Final Word? » Data Revelations), or any of his amazing TC presentations he has been a constant source of knowledge and inspiration. THANK YOU

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            Alexander Mou

            This is unanimous!


            I was thinking of writing an appreciation for Joe Mako . But I wouldn't have written as well. Joe is approachable, genius and well respected. His influence is wide and deep to the Tableau community. Whenever I tried to dig into some details to search for truth, I found Joe has been there and solved the problem with elegance. He would generously offer to have screen share sessions for detailed teaching. I learnt a great deal from Joe. He is truly amazing!

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              Toby Erkson



              I've known Joe for several years and he was prolific in the forums then.  I started learning Desktop with Tableau's on-line resources and Joe.  There are a few people I can remember on the forums way back when but Joe is one of the few that stands out in my mind and, to me, he would be one of the people in the group of first Zen Masters.  Fer you yunguns, that means he's OG.

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