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    Tableau Server - Screen Resizing

    Andy Johnson

      Hi Everybody,


      I've been using Tableau now for about 6 months - but have recently been faced with an issue that I can't seem to find any information on.


      Our models are all published onto a Tableau Server set up within my organisation. Up to very recently, users have been able to open models via the server and they will automatically resize to their screen. For some reason this has now changed, and when users open a model, they will only be able to see maybe the top 2/3 of the page, and they will be able to use the scroll bar on the right to see the content that is at the bottom.


      I'm pretty sure we haven't changed anything. All the models are set to 'Automatic' in the dashboard size setting within Tableau Workbook. The only thing that used to appear below the visible dashboard on the screen was the comments box - whatever it's doing now is cutting charts and visualisations into two.


      Can anybody help? Please feel free to throw something at me if this is a simple fix.