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    Blended Data and ROI calculations

    Dan Nelson

      Hey Interwebs!  I am trying to calculate the ROI of my company's new email marketing campaigns and want to use tableau to create a visual dashboard of our success.

      The data setup is as follows:

      • SQL Database - Has all of our master sales records for our site, broken down to our customer primary key, 'custid'.  This is a live database that is constantly updated
      • Excel Sheet- Running list of all of our emailed customers with details for each campaign.  Information also has 'custid'
      • They are blended together based on the 'custid' field


      The goal:

      • Find the ROI of email campaigns.
      • Figure out whether people from our email campaigns(xls) have ordered products on our site (sql)
        • Note that we would use GA to track links, but we are also looking to see if anyone came into the site indirectly after seeing our emails so the link tracking isnt as useful.


      Right now i have a sheet with the date as the row, and the Sum(order value) as the columns, and the Marks set as the email campaign title.  Basically from here, i need to figure out how to create a filter so that they only include revenue on our site form people that are listed on the xls (by custid) and campaign.  Ideally i would create a dashboard of this to track our campaign performance going forward.


      Any help is super helpful here!!!  Thanks in advance!